Interchangeable Mixing Tray Set of Two


Interchangeable Mixing Trays are a sturdy, flat mixing area that fits neatly into the main mixing area of the main palette.

•  Tall sides to hold deep puddles

•  Measurements:  8" x 12" x 1/2"

•  Clear-coat surface makes it resistant to staining (all plastic palettes will stain to some extent)

•  Easy to lift out and wash in the sink

•  Most stains are removable with the use of a "magic" sponge

•  Made of thicker plastic than most palettes to be resistant to cracking

•  Tight fit ensures it holds steady in the main palette when a brush is being drawn across the surface

•  Work on more than one painting without having to wash away carefully created color combinations.  Simply set the tray aside               when switching to another painting

•  Ballpoint pens write easily on the surface to identify trays.  Easily rubs off with a sponge when finished               

•  Extra-staining paints can be restricted to one tray so your main palette will remain whiter

•  The high sides can contain large puddles for pouring techniques

•  Class versus studio:  Working on a painting at home and then need to take your palette to class?  Just switch trays

•  Sometimes the surface of a main palette becomes damaged..... with the Interchangeable Mixing Trays there can always be a new surface in seconds.