Paintable Labels, two sheets (48 labels)


Paintable Labels  are adhesive-backed labels that can be cut in strips or blocks and affixed to the lids of the Premium Palette and  Pack-Along Palette, then painted to help artists identify the pigments in the color wells.

•  Each sheet is 8.5" x 11" and can be cut into any desired configurations

•  The Premium Palette System includes two sheets of labels. But in case you need new labels, they can be purchased separately 

•  Each has a space to write the name of the pigment

•  In the large space under the name, artists can paint a square of color to show what is in the bin of the palette beneath 

•  Each labels has initials to circle, identifying a paint to be C-cool, W-warm, G-granulating, O-opaque, T-transparent, S-staining, and LF-lightfast rating.  (The Booklet that comes with the Premium Palette System has more information)

•  Some artists are waterproofing the labels with a layer of clear packaging tape.

•  If colors are changed in the palette, a new label can be placed over  the old one.

•  Labels are removable if heated gently with a hair dryer