Premium Palette System


The Premium Palette System is one of the newest and most carefully considered watercolor palettes to be introduced to artists in years.  Versatile, durable and made in the USA, this palette is sure to become a favorite of artists everywhere.

•  Premium Palette Systems come complete with Large Palette & Lid, 1 Interchangeable Mixing Tray, 1 Pack-Along Palette & Lid,  2 sheets  of Adhesive Labels, and 1 Informational Booklet

•  Measurements:  Assembled  12" x 16" x 1"

•  Heavy-weight plastic for superior stability and length of use

•  Clear-coat surfaces are stain-resistant

•  Large color wells allow for a full tube of paint and large brushes

•  Removable Mixing Trays fit snugly in the center, allow for multiple painting projects and wash easily in a sink

•  39 large wells total!  24 in the main palette, plus an additional 15 in the Pack-Along Palette

•  Pack-along Palette holds an additional 15 large wells, is removable, interchangeable and serves great as a travel palette

•  Informational Booklets come free with every Premium Palette System, filled with information on color choices, palette cleaning  and care, color theory, tips for palette use, color traits and more

•  Paintable Adhesive Labels are provided  for easy color identification

•  Four generous mixing areas means never running out of space for mixing the perfect colors for your art