Pack-Along Palette


Pack-along Palette is the smaller palette that nestles into the lid of the Premium Palette.

•  15 large color wells

•  Measurements:  6 3/4" x 10 3/4 " x 3/4 "  

•  Fits neatly into the lid of the main palette

•  Expand beyond the 24 colors in the main palette

•  Usable alone or as a handy travel palette

•  The stain-resistant clear-coat is on the inside, making it a terrific mixing area or pouring container

•  Fill a Pack-Along with specific paints required by a workshop or class instructor

•  Create palettes that are for specific pigment traits:   Quinacridone, Granulating, Opaque, Iridescent etc.

•  Can be used to carry other water media such as gouache or   egg tempura

•  Paintable Labels can be added to the top of the lid to help quickly identify the contents

•  When tucked into the main palette mixing area, artists have easy access to 39 colors!